Phoenix, AZ, and Vancouver, BC. – January 18, 2017 – Eternity Healthcare Inc. (OTC: ETAH), announces first regulatory approval of its Loader for the Lenis® Needle-Free Injection system.

“CE Certification opens the door for regulatory approval in the EU as well as other countries that follow the EU.  With the most difficult components already certified, we remain confident the final two certifications should come later this year, along with final approval, setting us up for the start of Marketing our device,” Said Dr. Salari, President & CEO

The Loader unit of the Lenis® injection system that is used to load the injector to be ready for injection concluded rigorous testing with major ISO auditing company and passed all requirements for approval.


The Lenis® Needle-Free Injection system is comprised of four major components.  With the second component receiving CE Certification, we are looking forward to approval of the remaining two units.


“We believe Lenis® will revolutionize medical injections, removing patient fear of needles along with substantial reduction in cost per injection. The injection systems market was estimated at $9.8 Billion for 2016 and expected to grow at 15.5% until reaching $20.17 Billion in size by 2021. Unlike our competition, our design allows for delivery of higher doses, meaning Lenis® could be used with traditional needles and syringes used worldwide. We’re confident we have a superior technology,” said Dr. Salari.


Needle-Free Injection System Applications

The Needle-Free Injection system can be used for a vast variety of injectable medications, and supplements. These include injection of Insulin for diabetes, injection of vaccines such as flu vaccine and many others, injection of steroids, vitamins, human growth hormones, infertility medications and a vast number of cancer drugs. Further applications such as injection of epinephrine might replace Auto-Injectors such as Mylan’s Epipen®.


Benefits of Needle-Free Injection System

The Needle-Free injection system has many advantages over the existing needle injection. These include being environmentally friendly and reducing the risk of accidental poking and cross contamination. Further, the Needle-Free Injection device is good for children and people with needle phobia. It is easy to discard the used syringes as well as to recycle them.


About Eternity Healthcare

Eternity Healthcare or the “Company” (OTC: ETAH) is a healthcare company with technologies in medical devices. Our most advanced product is a Needle-Free Injection system known as Lenis®.  Our products are targeted for use by the healthcare professionals, physicians and consumers directly. More information on Eternity Healthcare, visit the Company’s website;  


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